Twitter releases Analytics for every Tweet

Twitter has unveiled their own upgraded way of analysing exactly how much engagement each and every one of your Tweets receives.

For a long time, many have relied upon any number of third parties to measure their Twitter performance but now, with Twitter themselves making a concerted effort to build out their advertising opportunities, they’re releasing the most powerful tools to help individuals and marketers measure just how well they perform on the platform, offering a level of metric insight that simply cannot be matched by a third party.

Whilst analytics like these were previously available on promoted Tweets they’re now available for every tweet you write, paid or organic and with more detail than ever. What’s more, they’re not restricted solely to advertisers; publishers using Twitter cards and verified account holders can now track their performance in minute detail too.


So what can it tell you?

  • The number of times users saw your Tweet in their timeline.
  • How many people clicked a photo, video or link you added to your Tweet.
  • How many times users clicked on your @handle or profile pic.
  • How many times your Tweet was shared via email.
  • How many users followed you directly from your Tweet.

For individuals this info may be interesting moreso than actionable but for marketers it’s invaluable in identifying how the audience engages with their content. Smart use of Analytics can help those marketers make informed decisions about how to grow their presence and maximise their reach depending on their objectives.

Equally, individuals can use that data in the same way but that would adversely affect their genuine engagement. An individual’s presence shouldn’t be subjected to gamification or it loses that personal element of genuine expression and instead becomes a hunt for further reach, more retweets and follows etc. As an individual, if you’re thinking of your account in terms of data-driven maximisation then I’m sorry, but you’re doing social wrong.

Nevertheless, it is interesting to see how many people actually saw that Tweet you posted in the small hours and how many times someone clicked on your avatar for more info etc.

If you’re an advertiser, a publisher using Twitter cards or you have yourself a shiny blue Verified badge then head on over to and take a look.


*UPDATE [27/08/2014] – Twitter Analytics is now available to all users! Happy tracking…

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