Questions on #Glass

I’m sure Google Glass will be covered (exhaustively) by the media and internet-at-large in the coming months as el Goog gears up for the introduction of consumer-level editions, but for now – a few quick questions.

1 – What price point will justify the purchase of what is, effectively, a smartphone accessory? [The current edition costs $1,500]

2 – It marks another step for Google into the hardware market, will this (and the Nexus range) help or hinder Android fragmentation?

3 – Can the privacy issue be overcome in 24/7 use, particularly in light of recent privacy scandals and Glass hacks (e.g. facial recognition)?

4 – With many countries proposing bans on Glass use while driving, how useful will it’s much-touted navigation features be?

5 – The technology industry itself has lead the charge (and marketing hype) towards wearable tech, was there an existing public appetite for headset computing and Apple iWatches on wrists?

6 – How will Google monetize Glass? And would we want our eyes, location and everything we see available to advertisers?

Questions are one thing. Answers however…

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