Periscope adds landscape mode in a clear call to traditional TV broadcasters

To secure its future, Periscope is reaching out to the very past it hoped to leave behind.

Live-streaming app Periscope has announced a fundamental change to its platform as video is no longer restrained to a phone-friendly vertical view.

In a blog post on Medium, the Twitter-owned app described the move as a response to community demand saying, “You asked, we delivered!” before adding that you can now “match the broadcaster’s orientation”.

Whilst there were calls for a re-orientation option for video, the platform was founded to match a phone’s natural holding orientation. In the same way many apps capitalise on how we actually hold and use our handsets 99% of the time (think Snapchat and selfies). Nevertheless, this change will add an occasionally useful extra option for the average user.

Where the true value lies for Periscope though is in the avenues a video orientation change will open up. Primarily that very ‘old-media’ medium – Broadcast Television.

Up until now, the wealth of Periscope’s live-streamed video content was largely lost on TV (with it’s massive audience) for the simple reason that a portrait video looks terrible on the 50inch TV screens that adorn the modern home.

With that issue addressed, expect to see Periscope plugged in to live news broadcasts (and Apple TV) in the very near future. Journalists from the scene or eyewitnesses with iPhones will be be providing live feeds directly to the major news networks that broadcast globally (not to mention the cost-savings on streaming from a phone compared to a reporter/cameraman/satellite feed setup).

This is the sort of exposure Periscope truly needs.

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