Getting into [Em]bed with Facebook

For a while now, Twitter and Instagram have been having all the content-embedding fun to themselves.

As such, it seemed only a matter of time before Facebook would join the party. However, for a company that strives to weave its way into every conceivable facet of the web, they sure took their time.

But, alas, their time has come. They have announced the limited rollout of embedded posts which will allow you to put any post in any page you fancy (depending on privacy settings of course). Thus closing that glaring gap that had kept Facebook at Likes-length from your pages.

Here it is in all its functional glory, being showcased by CNN as part of their Bradley Manning coverage.

CNN embeds a Facebook post

It may not be as elegantly presented as a Twitter/Instagram embed but they certainly haven’t skimped on core functionality, embedding a poll and including Share, Timeline, Comments and Like overviews.

Unfortunately, this isn’t available to the public at large yet. Only the important people, namely The Bleacher Report, CNN, The Huffington Post, People and Mashable get to be the trailblazers/guinea pigs.

It will be interesting to see how widely adopted this is at a time when Facebook has been coming under increasing pressure over Graph Search/Privacy and ROI from big name brands. Could it risk further diluting a site’s traffic by encouraging users to pop on over to Zuckerberg’s place in all its rich-content glory? Somehow, I don’t think that will matter.

Regardless, expect to see sites peppered with embedded content from YouTube/Twitter/Vimeo/Instagram etc and now Facebook. (Page load times could get interesting!)

If you want the full Facebook PR, here’s the official reveal over on the Facebook Developers blog.

For the moment, I’ll just keep my fingers crossed for that Bebo embed announcement…

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